Since 1938 National Ski Patrol has actively promoted safe skiing through a well-organized intervention program. This feature takes an in-depth look at a program that provides opportunities for the ski patrol to interact with the skiing public to prevent accidents on the hill through bus talks, a fast and reckless skier program, a safety table in the lodge, a lift-line review and off-mountain talks.

Far West Division's Safety team members’ responsibilities include: Promotion of safety for patrollers, resort employees, and the public. Distribution of safety items, promotion of safety week and safety month, collaboration with PSIA/AASI, NSAA, and regional ski associations to achieve and maintain consistent safety messaging, promotion and support of NSP programs, events and initiatives promotion and support of NSP and safety team sponsors support of safety awareness issues and trends within the snowsports and bike industries.

National Ski Patrol safety kit materials can be used to educate the snow sports public during the entire winter and spring seasons. Many of the materials are appropriate for the year-long events. The NSP safety team kit is a supportive resource to promote skier safety programs at your resort and assist in best practices in skiing and riding dialogue. Safety kit materials can act as a springboard for safety discussions. 

Safety kit materials can be a great way to introduce the general public to your ski patrol and recruitment.

Safety kits can be purchased through the NSP online store.


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