The alumni program of FWD has grown to over 600 members including those who have “aged out” and many who need “time out.”  There are many reasons to take a few years off including COVID, family, education, work and moving.  Joining the NSP Alimni is a good way to stay connected with NSP  and maintaining your years of service.  If an alumni maintains OEC, they can transition back in to active patrolling. 

In either event, it’s easy to become an Alumni. Log on to > Programs > Alumni > Become an Alumni then Print and complete registration form, include your annual dues ($50) and mail to NSP. 

Initial registration is snail mail and renewal is by email like your previous NSP dues. Alumni do not have to pay regional or divisional dues. Your former PR needs to remove you from their Active patrol roster before registering as an Alumni. Let your former PR know if you want to continue to be associated with the patrol.  Alumni can teach, serve on committees, fund raise, help out with refresher and some patrols allow alumni to act as hosts and guides. 

Alumni Benefits


Upcoming Alumni Events and Notices:



ESR/MLR Alumni Day at Northstar, April 2023

National Alumni Week at White Fish, March 2023

ESR/MLR Alumni Day at Northstar, April 2022

Southern California Preseason Union, Fall 2021

FWD Alumni Day at Heavenly, 2016

FWD Alumni Day at Sugar Bowl, March 2015