Bike Patrol


Join the Team: Far West Division patrollers, hosts and alumni are invited to consider joining the NSP-backed American River Bike Patrol in Sacramento.

The American River Parkway offers a complex of about 85 miles of paved and unpaved trails. Bike patrollers will act as trail ambassadors, eyes and ears for Park Rangers, offering trail advice, local knowledge, equipment assistance and first aid as required.

NSP patrollers, hosts and alumni with current Outdoor Emergency Care or Outdoor First Care can come aboard, after a day of trail training, as "secondary members" and patrol primarily in summer and fall months, around snow ski season. For NSP alumni members whose first-aid credential has lapsed, an Outdoor First Care course will be offered to bring you up to date on first-aid standards required.

For information on specific patrols, please contact Mountain Bike Patrol leaders on the Member Patrols page for more information