Outdoor Risk Management


As a patroller, you've received training and been involved in providing emergency medical care and transportation to injured and ill patients. But what about all those other activities you may perform that are less about patient care and more about preventing the need for care?

The Outdoor Risk Management (ORM) course provides a baseline of general risk management concepts and addresses topics specific to the risk management duties and activities that patrollers may perform as part of their daily patrolling responsibilities.

This course is available to all active NSP patrollers. The course is not available for candidates or hosts. It is also recommended that patrollers have at least one season's experience as a patroller so they better understand the context in which the program content is to be applied. The ORM course is an elective and there are no prerequisites required other than having active NSP patroller status. Patrollers interested in this course do not need any formal risk management training prior to participating.