Nordic Backcountry


The Nordic Backcountry (BC) Program is comprised of Volunteers who are a component of the National Ski Patrol (NSP).  They are trained and certified to NSP standards and are certified in and other safety related programs that relate to winter recreation in the wilderness environment.

The winter outdoors serves as a foundation for Nordic Patrollers. The Nordic (BC) Program provides a positive foundation for personal growth and training. Individuals learn how to travel comfortably and safely in the winter environment and become competent in Outdoor Emergency Care, Mountain Travel & Rescue as well as Avalanche Awareness. The outdoors provides an educational environment that allows participants to develop a personal awareness and respect for the natural world and to become effective stewards of our wilderness heritage.

What is a Nordic/Backcountry Patroller?

The diverse nature of the Nordic (BC) classification leads itself to be a unique program within the NSP.  These patrollers who may work at ski resorts, as well as in the backcountry, use a variety of equipment and know how to care for an injured patient who may not be able to obtain the necessary medical help immediately as well as having the needed backcountry survival skills.  All of this contributes to defining what Nordic Backcountry patrollers do.

What it takes to become a Nordic/Backcountry Patroller

Duties of Nordic/Backcountry Patrollers: